Seeds of self-destruction


Credit: Nightmare Logic


I was contemplating this morning, as I watered my seedlings, how nothing else I’ve ever encountered, no technology or adrenaline sport, feat or accomplishment, quite produces the feelings associated with growing food from seed.

The anticipation when planting a seed in the bare earth, followed by a short period of expectation which is quickly overwhelmed with the complete astonishment of the appearance, again and again, of these incredible little power house seedlings. The thrill and delight as they unfurl, stretch and begin to take shape as a miniature version of their future selves. And all from such an improbably tiny and simple beginning.

As I discovered a little later, the EU seed regulations are being changed and, in a nutshell, according to;   “By the obligation to register varieties before marketing, the new regulation will be a de facto prohibition of old and rare varieties and of farmer varieties.”

Sadly it seems that seeds are now the target for the vultures.

I did start reading about it….. but quickly felt incredibly melancholy and hopeless in the face of such utter stupidity – these idiots are voted in you know….and then thought better of wallowing in the rhetoric and went outside to think about the basic premise.


Credit: Nightmare Logic


It’s simple.

If you allow ‘big business’, to ostensibly patent and control the supply of the fundamental requirements for life then that’s the death warrant signed for our dimwitted species. Whether the effects are felt immediately or a few years hence.

As surely as seeds have been spread far and wide on wind and tide, so will the GM DNA spread like wildfire and unbalance years of immaculate evolution. I understand that there could be issues of ownership when cross-pollination occurs and unsuspecting flora suddenly contains patented DNA. Even if we get away with not being sued for someone else’s pollen encroaching on our crops, these GM crops aren’t developed over millions of years to withstand all the earth has to throw at them. No, they’ve been instantly developed… comparatively, and only developed to handle what massive agri-business requires of them. Aside from all of that, the concept of these bloody companies mucking about with, often irreversible, things that belong to and are essential to all of us is just not cool. Not cool at all.

Why can’t folk understand that nature just isn’t to be messed with?


Credit: Nightmare Logic


NB. I do not usually take anything more from movies than entertainment or a wee lesson but Soylent Green is coming if we don’t get a grip. If you haven’t seen it, perhaps you should…

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