In Defence of the Dandelion

There is a barrage of abuse out there against the Dandelion, a seemingly unnatural backlash, and I truly wonder what this plant has done to be on the same level as the likes of, say, al qaeda or the Taliban, when it comes to excessive media coverage and the widespread emotion relating to it’s desired extermination. Talk about over the top.

Dandelion destruction is, simply, dimwitted.


Credit: Nightmare Logic

Much of the animosity does seem to be lawn-related…

Now, there are those who appreciate a lawn but complement it with a bit of wildness and biodiversity round about…that’s compromise. Fine. I happen to have a small patch of short ‘lawn’, which is a diverse mix of grasses and plants…. and Dandelions, because it allows me and mine a bit of relaxation and lounging about safe in the knowledge that we are tick-free. Those, however who only allow one type of grass……. I don’t care how important your lawn is…. what exactly do you use this barren result of dictatorship for? It must be incredibly important to require the destruction of everything that supports healthy grass growth and keeps the soil, not just alive, but positively bursting with vitality. Oh…and I note you are constantly miserable about it anyway!

This has bugged me for years and was reignited recently;

A couple of days ago, I had a man here who couldn’t stop bragging about his £5k lawnmower… yes, five thousand pounds. This lawnmower was soooo superior, that he still had to use his old mower as well, for the more natural bits of his grass growth. He was aiming for a “cricket pitch or bowling green”. WTF??? I’ve never even seen the guy sit on his lawn, or play bowls, cricket or any other outdoor game requiring a flat lawn that is clinging on to life by a thread. Grrr. This is a man who complains about the leaves falling on the grass and so uses non-renewable power to drive his leaf blower….God forbid one should lower oneself to use a rake, or even just let the leaves do their thing in delivering nutrients to the soil and protecting the grass during the frosts. He then burns all those leaves. Next he petrol mows it within an inch of it’s life, a bit of petrol strimming while he’s about it, and then applies weed killer, fertiliser, insecticide and who knows what else. The cost alone is staggering – environmental and financial.

I find it hard to keep my mouth shut around such complete lunacy…. my brain can’t decide if it’s suicide or ecocide or some niche form of OCD – removing all flora, but one type of grass, and consequently virtually all the fauna from your two acre plot…. I managed it though, this time. It scares me how far removed from understanding the natural cycle some folk genuinely are.

There are adverts everywhere showing the Dandelion as an evil invader, something to dread, fear and hate. GET A GRIP. Sometimes you can have a few where you don’t want them but this does not excuse the level of hysteria that has been reached. What are we teaching the next generation?

Did you know that the Dandelion is nutritious, full of flavour and brimming with health benefits. That is; the flower, leaves and the root. The whole plant. Shown to be particularly beneficial to liver and kidney health, regulation of insulin and packed full of vitamins, I’m not going to go deeply into them as, if you’re interested you may well go and look into the facts further. Suffice it to say, many of you sitting there ingesting expensive pharmaceuticals whilst looking at a pristine green lawn have got the wrong end of the stick. Harsh, but in many cases true I’m afraid. Consumption of Dandelions was a contributor to my healing from Lyme disease….. and you can even make wine out of it for goodness sake!

On a purely aesthetic note, I must say I simply can’t get my head around the hatred of a beautiful yellow flower that, once ready to reproduce, turns into fun for children……and trust me, the more the better where children are concerned. It’s just churlish to vilify and then kill them all.

Just FYI: All the damage they do to your precious concrete paths and patios is simply reclaiming the land for soil – they, along with other plants and fungi, are able to transform the concrete jungle back into a true wilderness and for that we should be grateful. I accept that the idea of beautiful yellow flowers dotted around your prized concrete is horrendous for you but could we please agree a compromise?

You can pull Dandelions from your prized concrete, or lawn….if you leave the ones on the verge or the grass or even just in one small corner. Please don’t spray nasties – you are quite literally damaging the health of those whom you invite to your home: your nearest and dearest, even if you don’t care any further than that about the widespread damage to habitat – flora and fauna.

Try some! Just pick a few young and tender leaves, wash them and add them to a salad. Or be more adventurous and make some wine.

Please reconsider your position on Dandelions…. is it really sense to devote your precious time and money to delivering more pain and hatred towards a beneficial plant than you’re prepared to dish out to real problems, like; war, suffering, environmental destruction, greed, crime and persecution of humans and animals. Sounds over-dramatic? You should hear yourselves…

If you can turn a blind eye to sexism, domestic abuse or thievery you can damn well turn a blind eye to the mighty Dandelion…..persisting in it’s right to live alongside us in harmony, it’s only threat is to provide us with better health.

We can’t blame the Dandelion when the quantities of weedkiller you employ en masse to try and obliterate it have damaged great swathes of soil, flora and fauna.

Priorities People – Only Pull and Pull in Moderation…..Please.

The pollinators will thank you and so will the kids……. not to mention, you’ll never win anyway!

2 thoughts on “In Defence of the Dandelion

  1. SafeHappyTravel

    I love dandelions! To me a dandelion is a sign that spring has officially arrived. They are simple but pretty, you can draw on your skin or cloths with the flower heads too and the colour stays for a while. Also, I would like to point out that it’s not just kids that enjoy dandelion seed heads!:)
    I have actually not heard of this hate toward dandelions you speak of, but then again I live in Canada not the UK, and I live under a happy rock !haha! Keep up the good work defending dandelions!!!:P

    1. Nightmare Logic Post author

      Poor old Dandelions get the brunt of it all here – every weed killer advert and bottle has some caricatured picture of the “evil” plant on it…. and this is a country that is being choked by invasive, super-destructive knotweed and bindweed!!! Enjoy your happy rock – I’m living in a happy rock area.. but it’s small! I’m off to paint someone yellow 😀


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