Every Penny Counts and WE hold the purse strings

There is much conjecture, distress and disharmony surrounding all sorts of current issues that affect us all as individuals and as a species. If we all piped down for a moment, counted our pennies and checked to whom we are giving each one, we could actually effect some pretty massive change.

I have recently done another big shake up of where our money goes and, whilst change is never easy… ethical, organic, quality local and fair trade certainly taste good! There is also a very indulgent satisfaction when you realise that you haven’t just handed over more roulette money to some eejit in the Caymans, in fact you know the guy… and how he and his family choose to spend their money….which is also local…..and so it goes round. I live in an area where this principle still maintains. The local town is a really happy, vibrant, fair and a wonderful example of how a bit of consideration goes a very long way….for generations. Every body is doin’ alright.

These are my tips for change or adjustment;

Buy local and organic where possible….. but try a little harder to make it possible. Imported food should be organic, fair trade or both. Don’t be sucked in by cheap supermarket crap, it costs a lot more in the long run…..but most importantly, the money doesn’t remain in the local area for local people. These little steps protect us from companies touting unproven GM technologies, low quality nutrition and harmful chemicals. The positive side effects are the increased quality of life due to the sustainability of the local economy.

Ethical, organic and fair trade clothing is an important step forward too…. one that is getting easier to source at reasonable prices. It’s not just fashionable – it’s sustainable.

Try and lower fossil fuel consumption as far as possible….. Do less miles in the car, convert your car to cleaner, renewable fuel, get a bike, switch to a renewable energy provider for your home, turn off unneeded lights, heating and electronic equipment. This can help re-balance things in favour of cleaner renewables and help in the fight against such idiocies as tar sands and pipelines and so forth. If we don’t want the Arctic dug up for oil then we need to remove the monetary promise.

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images

No demand = No money = No Destruction

Think about all the different paper you use and make sure it is from sustainable sources; writing paper, printer paper, kids drawing pads, kitchen towel, loo paper, pads for lists etc. This helps protect the rainforest – the lungs of the planet, from being deforested at an alarming rate causing massive habitat destruction and loss of potentially lifesaving medicines as yet undiscovered…not to mention all the other vast and irreversible side effects.

We need to remove the financial incentive from these companies who are, let’s face it, committing ecocide (or conspiring to, in the future) or profiting from the earth’s resources that belong to every one of us and every living thing on the planet. It may not seem this way yet, in amongst daily life, but if we don’t take matters into our own hands en masse, at some point in the not too distant future, we will find ourselves being held to ransom over dwindling resources controlled by the wealthy few. A bit like how it is now but with far more essential and precious resources like clean freshwater and healthy soil.

The only way to insure or protect against this is to take the power back.

Even if you are a skeptic, surely you can’t argue that a microscopic few rich feckers ripping the earth to pieces for profit isn’t the best plan for our collective home.

Please take a moment to think about where all your pennies go – it may surprise you how few people actually own all the many brands and companies that you freely hand over all your hard earned cash to. Look into where your earnings really go – is it Gerald at the local shop and his family? or Tesco? Is it the Patels restaurant on the high street? Or Asda meal deal? Is it seasonal groceries grown in the local region? Or imported, non-organic, out-of-season goods from the other side of the planet?

The simple fact is that every vote you make with the contents of your bank account directly contributes to the issues and concerns we are facing as a species.

Just as in nature, all beings are interconnected.

We as individuals, en masse, really do have the power at our fingertips for the first time in history. Let’s use it eh?!

Put yer money where yer mouth is   …as they say round here.  We can all improve… and action will improve all our lives and those of future generations. Our families.

Credit: http://www.suvir.com/farm.html


Credit: Unknown

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