‘Suit’ably impressed? Books n covers…

Nightmare Logic


I love this proverb, and it’s personal.

We’re told as children that a good first impression is crucial, that is, right alongside the converse warning never to judge a book by it’s cover. Why then is it that we all head off into adulthood judging left right and centre based entirely on the threads or uniform an individual chooses to rock?

My experiences have demonstrated to me that, in the vast majority of cases, con artists, blaggers and devious sorts dress extremely well and decent folk focus on more important things. Controversial I know, and I apologise to those decent hardworking folk that are still chained to, or indeed choose, the suit and tie or female equivalent, but hear me out….

Simplistically speaking: Suits run organisations such as banks & financial institutions, dictatorships & cartels – Casuals run organisations such as farms & charities, ethical businesses & support networks.


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