Disappointment Delivers

I notice around me that many folk spend a lot of their time doing things, “to avoid disappointment”, ” so as not to disappoint the children”, “so as not to be disappointed”…

Except that they seem to be missing the point…

Disappointment is a powerful motivator

If a young person doesn’t get up of their own volition in time to be delivered to an activity or experience they enjoy, why is it that so many parents do the graft for them to ensure they aren’t disappointed? I was left behind once, because I wasn’t ready, and missed out on a family outing. That was a real disappointment….. I picked up my game and I never missed out again.

The disappointment of a parent or a respected peer is far more pertinent than anger. Standards improve, grades improve and the earnestness to achieve grows.

Disappointment raises standards in an individual: Disappointment from friends in a person’s negative behaviour or habits can often lead the pulling up of the metaphorical socks.

Disappointment motivates to do better. Disappointment motivates to be better. Disappointment motivates to work harder.

Sorry, remind me again why it is that we are protecting everyone from disappointment?

English: A disappointed person

English: A disappointed person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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