Unexpected Guests

Nowadays most people are accompanied by everyone they have ever known, at all times.

Folk carry around their entire lives 24/7.

Visitors bring with them not only themselves and their own personal stress but also, upon their phone and uninvited, their; work, family, friends, colleagues, enemies, social networks, hobbies, media, diet, exercise regime, shopping, entire music collection, entire film collection and all the photos they have ever taken. Am I alone in thinking this is too much? Bizarre even?

What happened to popping round for a cuppa and a chat? What happened to turning up with a bottle for a fun evening? What happened to completing a sentence without being bloody interrupted???

I love an impromptu visitor, an unplanned gathering, an unexpected night out. I really don’t love the fact that in order to enjoy social interaction nowadays, I have to take on a person’s entire world every time I want to spend time with that individual.

Quality one to one interaction is rare now, I miss it and yearn for it. I love the endless possibilities and facilitation that technology brings but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to interacting with a room full of people each plugged into a world full of people.

In that, now common, scenario, I find my train of thought obliterated into splinter cells of thoughtlets. I sometimes feel as if I am no longer either coming or going, but rather scrabbling around blindly for the important morsels in amongst the onslaught of information and tirade of drivel.

I may seem old fashioned, even archaic, but the thoughts, ideas, observations, plans and dreams that come from your head and your heart are so much more interesting, intriguing and fulfilling than trite regurgitated.

I’d really love it, if occasionally, folk visited alone and undistracted. That’s all.

5 thoughts on “Unexpected Guests

  1. Nightmare Logic Post author

    Respect! I can’t say I’m that disciplined but then working remotely has always been my way – being able to attend conference calls while fishing or respond to emails while gardening is of enormous pleasure… however, I’ll always switch my phone off in company. A usually solitary stance! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Nightmare Logic Post author

    Yes, folk of all ages seem to have automatically adopted this way of being and I accept it is the way things are but I’ve just spent a week or so outnumbered by tech-addicts in my own house and found that interaction around, and punctuated by, virtual reality is a bit of a tedious reality. Thank you for commenting.


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