5 o' Clock Shadows

Credit: Nightmare Logic

5 o’ Clock Shadows

The blurry ones are dancing…

..Round the cluster of Elderberries in the centre

I’m not a fan of elderberries…

As a child, before I had yet reached ‘double figures’ and having overheard conversations about winemaking… I poisoned myself and some friends by filling a discarded bath with freshly picked elderberries, treading them with bare feet like grapes …. adding water and a bag of sugar… and then drinking a cup of the ensuing solution a couple of hours later. No night of drinking too much actual alcohol has ever left such an indelible taste memory

I relive it every year

2 thoughts on “5 o’ Clock Shadows

  1. PK Read

    My husband, who grew up in Germany, used to get elderberry syrup when he was feverish or had a cold. His mother diluted it in hot water and served it like tea. To this day he can’t stand the smell of the stuff. The elder tree in our garden is the only fruit I don’t usually process as a result – but I’ve made fritters from the elderflower heads that were pretty good.
    Beautiful image.


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