When did We become They?


When over-used, They becomes a lazy, flippant word. They aren’t with you… They are over there somewhere. You can pass the buck to They. They are in the overspill bucket beside you… where everything you don’t really know, understand or take responsibility for goes:

They say it’s going to rain.

They say red wine is good for you.

They need to get the trains sorted.

They need to protect the countryside.

They should be building more houses.

They shouldn’t have let us take so much credit we couldn’t afford.

They really ought to be sorting out the burden on the NHS

They should be feeding, clothing, and educating my children

They say they’ve found a cure for cancer

They say we’re feeling the effects of climate change

They say climate change isn’t actually happening

They‘ve blown up more civilians

They haven’t won the war on terror yet

They could do this… They musn’t do that… They haven’t done the other for us yet…


They should have done more

They should have protected us

They should have learned from the last time

They screwed up

They did this

It’s all Their fault

They are quite a force…. this seemingly all-powerful, dirt-free, 100% reliable and integrity-filled superhuman They. This faceless entity here on earth to do everything for us and protect us from ourselves. Well, how can anything be your fault if you take no personal responsibility? Just suckle from and rely on Them and everything will be fine.

It’s worth noting that in the instances where They refers to an elected government, THEY translates as WE

It’s easy to forget that… when you’ve got it easy

In fact if We took the petty pressures off They, They might be able to concentrate more comprehensively on the important matters…  ok rational idealism isn’t realistic in this case but I live in hope…

So here’s to They… long may we sit back, do nothing and blame it all on Them

Red wine and a window

Red wine and a window (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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