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The big picture keeps me awake at night but I am a hypocritical contradiction myself

Most of the world’s problems could be solved in a day     If we all changed our attitude and all changed our way

Till then….  to keep light-hearted in my real life, I’m keeping my opinions out of it…

I’m no writer or blogger or author or pro, just got some stuff to say in my own way. I can’t promise to adhere to a strict Production Schedule – real life and proper consideration is a lot more serendipitous than that, or produce super-cool Techno-Pages – can’t get my head around it, or relish prolific Self-Promotion – just don’t have that gene….. but I usually have a point and try not to rant. I’ll simply say my piece and let you get on…. time is precious.

Thank you for visiting.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. brucethomasw

    I love desiderata – “something desired, as essential and free”, the dictionary says. I new it by heart years, ago – now and then, I am able to quote bits and pieces – like ” you are no less than the tres and stars – you have a right to be here.”. In the 1960’s the poem came out as a radio hit – spoken words, with a sung chorus – “you are a child of the universe”. It was beautiful .I forget at times, to live this creed – thanks for the reminder.

  2. The Homesteading Hippy

    I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! There are quite a few steps to do to accept the award and they can be found on my blog post here:
    If you decide to accept the award, just follow these steps. If not, just know that your blog is one of my favorites and has inspired me greatly.

    ~The Homesteading Hippy


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